Драйвер genius easypen i405x для linux, ежи брошкевич rtf fb2 doc

Драйвер genius easypen i405x для linux

Some of these are supported by the upstream Linux kernel, some are only Linux kernel >= 3.17; digimend-kernel-drivers >= 5. 256c: Genius EasyPen i405X. 26 мар 2012 KYE EasyPen i405X, Genius EasyPen i405X. KYE MousePen i608X, Genius MousePen i608X. KYE EasyPen M610X, Genius EasyPen M610X. Sep 19, 2014 I've heard that the i405x model is newer so I would prefer to buy this one, however with making it work on Linux (or maybe this issue has been fixed?) and I haven't Ok, I have bought a Genius EasyPen i405x and it works. Mar 26, 2017 Genius, EasyPen i405X, Reported to be working on Linux only for 2.9.x versions XP Pen, Star 05 Wireless, Works with the Star 04 driver.

Apr 2, 2012 Genius EasyPen i405X and M610X;; Genius MousePen i608X;; Aiptek Some of the tablets by Waltop can use the xf86-input-wacom driver.

Easypen драйвер для i405x genius linux

Драйвер genius easypen i405x для linux
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