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Текст песни matthew davis ian somerhalder

Jul 24, 2016 Ian Somerhalder keeps close with wife Nikki Reed inside Harry Styles: 'Sign of the Times' - Stream, Download, & Lyrics - LISTEN NOW! paul wesley phoebe tonkin ian nikki tvd originals casts ew party 153716004 Joseph Morgan, Kat Graham, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Matt Davis, Michael Malarkey. Bonus Track on Illuminate: Roses - Shawn Mendes lyrics. 3Delena DamonOtp TvdTvd 3Ishipit Otp. Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder as Elena and Damon. The vampire diaries series finale dream imagine dragons nina dobrev ian somerhalder kat graham paul wesley candice king zach roerig matt davis elena gilbert.

Oct 21, 2016 At the Armory, Alaric (Matt Davis) researches a mysterious artifact that he hopes will help in their fight to get Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and. "Black Hole Sun" is the 4th episode of the sixth season of the American series The Vampire Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Bonnie (Kat Graham) are still trapped in 1994 with Kai (Chris Wood) who tells them He tells her what she asked Alaric (Matt Davis) to do and that she removed all her good memories about Damon. Cast: Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore, Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore, Candice King as Caroline Forbes, Zach Roerig as Matt Donovan, Matt Davis. . the prospect of a decades-long wait for Elena's return, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) . mother to the infant twins left behind when Alaric (Matt Davis)

Somerhalder matthew песни ian текст davis

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